A tale of two laptops

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A tale of two laptops

Lenovo W520, yes, ancient tech but it still keeps ticking.  I can't do any photo processing on its aging cpu but it's good for everyday stuff

Lenovo T430  I used this alongside the W520 for a few years.  Lame cpu but, again, not doing any work-intensive stuff on it back in the day

The T430 just stopped charging a long time ago.  The consensus at the time was to change out its "DC-in" port (where you plug in your power adapter) but that involves basically dismantling the entire laptop just to get to the little screw that holds it in

I elected to not do that and put the T430 away in my storage unit

The W520 was still running just fine but has been relegated to the backup to a Lenovo T14 for a year (superior AMD cpu, 48 gb ram, I can actually do Lightroom/Photoshop/PT Gui work on it)

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago.  Looking for something else in my storage unit I stumbled upon the T430.  What the heck, I figured, I build desktops now, surely I can dismantle a laptop

I ordered the DC-in port for $7 off fleabay and figured I'd just fix that sucker

I dismantled the T430 and finally got the DC-in power port out (if you're interested in doing this shoot me a pm, I won't bore everybody here with the tedious procedure)

I cleaned off the ancient thermal paste and let the T430 hang out while waiting for delivery of the needed part

Then I figured, heck I'm getting pretty capable at this laptop work let's go inside my W520.  While in there I took out the heat sink and cleaned out the incredible amount of dust and crud in there (no wonder it ran hot) and applied new thermal paste.  Put it all back together and it booted right up!  Lucky me

The part for the T430 finally showed up a few days ago and, to make a long story short (so many user error events involving putting it back together) I plugged in the power brick and...wait for it...nothing.  That part was not the problem

But I give up.  I don't need the T430, I have two other laptops that work  and toomanydesktops to do photo processing on

After all is said and done, though, I enjoyed the experience of getting in there and doing laptop work.  I learned a lot and got my W520 running cooler to boot.  Win/win I guess

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