A9 mark 1 as a backup?

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Re: A9 mark 1 as a backup?

Pennskull wrote:

I use the A9II as my main camera, would an A9 1 make sense as a backup? Even though it has worse DR, different ergonomics and worse mechanical shutter it can be found for pretty cheap now! And afaik the af should be pretty similar in stickiness.

Depends on what your priority is.  For purely backup purposes an original a9 is an incredibly good deal these days.  They're selling for 1/3 of what they were new.  The a9M2 bumped up IQ a tiny bit in some ways but would you really notice the difference?  Depends on what ISO's you typically shoot and how much exposure pushing you do in post.

If you want cheap insurance to CYA during an event, an a9 is the best option.  Your only other choices are another a9M2 or an a1 to get the same speed and AF reliability.   If you are in a situation where you need the a9M2 performance and it goes down, I would think having similar speed would be more critical than having incrementally different DR.

If DR and overall IQ is the critical factor, sounds like you just need another body rather than something as a backup.  Try an a7R III or IV.  Those are also bargains at today's prices and the absolute IQ is much higher than either a9 variant.

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