Warm pinky prints from Lightroom Classic after opening v12.0.1

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Warm pinky prints from Lightroom Classic after opening v12.0.1

I recently printed a fine art photography portfolio on German etching matt paper. The prints exactly matched the soft proofing images in Lightroom.

Happy days.

My Adobe account expired and I created a new Adobe Lightroom account. 12.0.1

I printed the same images again but now the colours do not match the previous prints.

There is now a heightened pink / magenta saturation in the warm areas of the prints. I've read that this is common when double colour management is occuring. I am however sure that Lightroom is controlling the colour management.

Printer is Epson r2880 and Mac OS 11.7 operating system.

I have printed 4 test pages covering the following...on Epson Archival Matte paper.

Lightroom managed profile with softproofing.

Lightroom managed paper profile.

Photoshop managed paper profile.

Lightroom managed by printer.

The Lightroom and Photoshop profile managed prints are identical and pretty good matches to the test page.

The softproofed Lightroom managed print is very close to the above.

The Lightroom print managed by Printer is definitely the warmest in the neutral areas.

I would add that the difference in warmth is much more noticable in my portfolio prints. (Printed on Hahnemuhle Museum Etching paper in Lightroom.)

I would be very grateful for advice to help solve this very frustrating problem.

I hope this information helps with your diagnosis?

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