SIGMA fp L monochrome - first n/light (Rosetta/Pacman/Wizard)

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SIGMA fp L monochrome - first n/light (Rosetta/Pacman/Wizard)

I was/am so pleased with how the debayered SIGMA fp has performed that I couldn't resist going for a debayered SIGMA fp L (61MP). I finally go the chance to try it out in November, having managed to chase down a small hole in the clouds in northern Italy. The conditions were hard: The wind-side of the car was covered with ice before I had finished the set-up, so not only did I run out of juice before I could get all the data I wanted, but the Celestron focus motor was giving some rather unpredictable backlash, which made focusing even more of a problem than it normally is

Celestron RASA 11 / 10Micron GM1000 / Sigma fp L monochrome

Star colour from a SIGMA fp shot separately.

Images processed in APP and completed to taste in PS. Total time around 2,5 hours/nebula ...

PS start point: Ha Red / S-II Red+Green / O-III Green+Blue

100% views:




The Rosetta shows some really nice "smoking gun" effects in the S-II data that I wasn't aware of before (and didn't see in the 5 minute subs) so I will definitely be looking for an off-center composition next time i'm out ...

Wizard is a strongly overlapping double mosaic to get a bit more of the surrounding nebulosity in Ha

Rosetta Nebula / NGC2 237

Pacman Nebula / NGC 281

Wizard Nebula / NGC 7380

Thanks for taking the time,

CS, Mark

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