Sony files and transferring

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Sony files and transferring


Going from the most to least Sony related...

1. I've been using Sony for a couple of years now and one annoying issue (ignoring the others for now :-D)... Why do files (and especially video files) need to be under a hundred layers of folders on the card, most of them unused, with the files in some specific weirdly-named sub-folder under more weirdly-named sub-folders?
For example... for the last video files they are under PRIVATE (one of two folders), then from three folders it's M4ROOT (the least sensible name for it to be in), then under one of four sub-folders.
Not as bad but still silly for stills.
I've used Canon and Nikon before and it made a lot more sense with those, they were pretty much right where you'd think they would be.

Is there a way to control it?

2. The files have XML files along with them. I've read and asked about this before and never could figure out if they are worth saving. Haven't found a use for them... so far, and they create some clutter, but some people recommend keeping them.

3. Nothing to do with Sony, but how do others send large video files? I don't regularly do this so rather not use some a paid service if possible, though uploading just takes forever regardless. In this case it's about 20GB for someone who lives in another city. He even suggested to send a memory stick by mail and I'll send it back. Looking for online options first.


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