Make JPEG readable by GR III?

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Tungsten Nordstein
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Re: More detail on the complete process please?

Felix E Klee wrote:

Tungsten Nordstein wrote:

Ok. I used the Edge Image Edit software to open and save my source image file. I then did all the steps and EXIF tags copying and it didn't work.

It's either Edge or the ImageMagick process I described. I'm sorry, I've no idea why the ImageMagick / ExifTool process doesn't work for you. My GRⅢ was robbed off me, so I cannot test the process myself anymore.

Thanks. It wasn't until the ImageMagick / ExifTool proved to be unworking, that I went back through the thread and found the Edge method of making jpgs. And then I eventually realised that the rest of the method was not needed with Edge.

Sorry to hear about your GR3 being stolen!

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