Sony 40/2.5 G or 50/2.5 G for Street and Hiking???

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Re: Sony 40/2.5 G or 50/2.5 G for Street and Hiking???

Jason Crawford wrote:

After a successful trip to Germany and Austria with only the 40G on my A7c, I thought I would give my impressions of this lens in actual use.

I was happy overall with the 40 focal length. I did have one or two instances where I wished for more reach, such as from my Tamron 28-200, and several more wishing for the wider angle of my Samyang 24/1.8.

For hiking and landscape, this was a very nice focal length. I had no difficulty framing any shot and was able to crop in as much as I wanted in post...

It really did well as a street photography lens as well; however, I did wish for the 24 more than I thought...

And low light performance was more than acceptable...

My conclusions is that this is a very workable focal length for a one lens solution, especially when paired with the A7C. I am seriously considering it as my solo Tour du Mont Blanc lens as it is so small and light that I can wear it on my backpack strap with the PD Capture Clip and barely notice that it is there even when walking with poles.

The alternative would be the kit 28-60 as a daytime walk about lens and then swapping to the 24/1.8 as an evening and city lens. However, I do not really feel that I would need the added range of the 28-60 while hiking as most of my previous outdoor shots are in the 28-35 range.

Ironically, I just do NOT think the Tamron 28-200 will be going with me simply because the size of that lens would require me to keep the camera in the backpack while walking. I know I would be less likely to stop and unpack for a quick shot.

I do wish that there was a 35 option in this lens category as the ergonomics and the build of the Sony G compact lenses is simply fantastic.

My next trip will be with the Samyang 24 alone to see if I can work with that wider angle alone.

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped me in this decision.

Thanks so much for getting back to us!!!

These are really wonderful images and it sounds like  you had such a small and lightweight kit. I'm really glad the 40mm focal length worked out for you. I really love this...using the a7c on a trip of a lifetime with a single awesome 40mm prime!!! Well done!

I was curious about the exif info  on the shot of the BMW in the dark. I haven't shot mine at night yet. How did you feel it performed in the dark?

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