At my wits end with Pro-1000 A2 printing

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At my wits end with Pro-1000 A2 printing

I really would appreciate some guidance with my Pro-1000 problem.

I have had the printer since January and have often used it for borderless A2 printing. I own a print business selling my work so rely on this printer.

About a month ago my A2 prints started coming out with dirty ink marks on the top edges (and occasionally the bottom edges). I use Marrutt Ultrapearlescent 300gsm paper. This does not happen when I print A3 or smaller (I use the Marrut A3 equivalent here too).

I have run every cleaning cycle possible, roller, head cleaning, deep cleaning, system cleaning, bottom plate name it, nothing helps.

I have tried turning on prevent paper abrasion, I have tried adjusting the paten gap height. Nothing helps.

I have tried registering the paper as both Pro Luster and Heavyweight to see if that fixed it....nope.

I should add this happens more prominently when using the top feed. I have used the manual feed and it still happens but to a lesser extent.

Canon have run through all the troubleshooting with me and said the only thing left would be to send it in for repair. But I would really like to avoid this as although the printer has a month left on its warranty and the servicing would be covered, transportation is not covered to the repair centre and this is a 32kg printer so would hlbe costly. Not to mention the shut down process to transport this printer requires up to 3 maintenence cartridges and ejects a lot of ink (to prevent leaking if the printer is tilted during transportation which it would be). This expense, plus shutting my print business for however long repair takes is something I really don't want to do.

I would be grateful if you could take a look at this image and tell me what you think the problem is. I will clarify again this ONLY happens with A2 borderless, and the black marks are all over the top side (which is therefore puzzling why it doesn't happen on A3 paper as it covers the same surface area).

Thank you


Canon Pixma Pro-100
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