Big Lizards, Raccoon, Gators, Raptors, Big & Small Birds (11/28/22)

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Big Lizards, Raccoon, Gators, Raptors, Big & Small Birds (11/28/22)

After working to get so close - just a bit over a month behind now, I don't want to get too far back I'm bringing another double-post of shots from the wetlands, these taken on October 15th and October 22nd over two separate weekends.

All of the following shots were taken with the A6600 and the FE 200-600mm G OSS lens combo, handheld, and all shots are posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you view them in original size.

The first reply will have more shots from the same time period:

A Wilson's snipe, popping its head above the grasses

A pied-billed grebe, looking soft and fluffy - amazing because they dive underwater and pop up again, within seconds looking dry and fluffy as all the water beads right off

This chunky fellow is a knight anole - the largest of the anole species, and one of Florida's invasive lizards...they're smaller than iguanas, but can get up to 12-14 inches, and are fairly chunky, big-headed lizards

A wider look at the knight anole, climbing up a palm tree

A male common yellowthroat, down by the water but looking up to where he plans on jumping to next

A red-shouldered hawk circling overhead, looking for prey in the grasses below

A big male green iguana, in his orange breeding colors - this was shooting almost directly into the sun - I liked the strong backlighting effect

A female American redstart - one of our wintering species recently arrived

A raccoon, searching under all the fallen branches (from our recent close pass of Hurricane Ian) - it was keeping a wary eye up while its hands searched around on the ground

Closeup of a young alligator, hiding a bit in the algae and water plants - the water clear enough to see the rest of the gator below the surface

Another winter resident returned to the wetlands, the eastern phoebe.  The spider was not pleased with the phoebe's visit - the bird pecked out all of the silk-wrapped bugs that the web had caught all day, stealing the spider's meals in one fell swoop

Another voracious bug eater, the black-and-white warbler, running around a cypress tree trunk picking all the bugs and grubs off the bark

An osprey flying over the lake, looking for fish

A large alligator, cruising towards me

Everybody calls the turkey vulture ugly, and many dislike them for it, but they really are a very helpful bird and do a great job for both the wetlands and our environments too - cleaning up the dead animals

More to follow in the next reply.

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed and encouraged, always!

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