Sell the R5 and get an R7 and R? Crazy?

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Re: Sell the R5 and get an R7 and R? Crazy?

tsinvest wrote:

mraifman wrote:

BirdShooter7 wrote:

Great photos! To me that seems like a reasonable trade with the benefit of also giving you a “backup” camera in case anything happens when traveling. However, the R5 really is a spectacular camera that pretty much can “do it all”

Thanks! Yes, I agree. It really is a wonderful camera. And perhaps I should just exclusively shoot with it in crop mode and convince myself to be happy with 17mp, which is perfectly fine most of the time. It's odd to say, but it feels like more camera than I need in many respects but also less effective at the wildlife shots unless paired with a 500mm+ prime.

I have the same setup...I have never shot in crop mode. Why not just shoot in full resolution and crop as necessary. The bird photos come out quite nice. I also have an R7 and although I like it a lot, I find I get just as good a bird shot with the R5, and sometimes better.

Yeah, there is no real reason to shoot the R5 in crop mode (just using as an example of how much I'm cropping when shooting small birds). There is some advantage to shooting in crop in one small case, when you have a bird or person small in frame, shooting in crop allows the sensor to process less data more quickly and I find the eye AF works better in crop mode. That's just about the only case.

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