A7IV vs Xt5 vs Xh2: is the extra money for Sony worth it?

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Re: A7IV vs Xt5 vs Xh2: is the extra money for Sony worth it?

Bender79ita wrote:

TheWind wrote:

Hello all!

Im new to DPReview and new to mirrorless photography (coming from Canon RebelT7). I’ve developed the “photography bug” and want to upgrade to a more serious setup. I’ve seen some threads talking about comparisons with the XH2, XT5, and even the A7IV but not talking about if the price difference jumping to the Sony is “worth it” for the Sony autofocus. I know that’s a subjective question, so I’ll describe why I ask. I’m an enthusiast, not a pro who primarily shoots family, some street, and am learning more about landscape. I dabble in video maybe 20%-30% of the time.

Do you do postprocessing or not? This is very important.

The A7IV seems like an awesome choice, however the price is a bit more than the other two when you then factor in lenses as well.

Third party lenses for Sony E are generally cheaper than the Fujifilm branded equivalents, when they exist, because i.e. a 18-46 f2 zoom for Fuji does not exist (28-70 f2.8).

Sony branded lenses tend to be more expensive than Fuji's, but they do cover a full frame circle though. Full frame is not APS-C, as obvious as that might sound.

I’m intrigued by the XT5 for its tactile wheels, and it seems overall like a great camera. I love the Fuji colors a lot. However, I have a baby on the way this spring and think that AF is going to come into play when I have a little one running all over and playing sports. I want to capture all of these moments, and unfortunately I’ve been reading quite a bit about how Fuji’s AF has been sub-par.

Only people that has tried both can really tell.

so my question is this: for an enthusiast, is it worth the extra money to save up for the A7IV to have the AF so I don’t have to “worry,” or is the Fuji better than I’ve been reading? Is AF important enough when photographing an energetic child and their sporting events etc.? I love the idea of the retro-vibe of the Fuji, but if I end up with blurry photos/videos I’d be a bit disappointed for all the money, and would rather save a little longer for the Sony. While I like the idea of the tactile dials, this isn’t a deal breaker for me. Any thoughts/recs are appreciated!

Is the retro vibe more important than autofocus and image quality?

Are the film simulations important because you don't do postprocessing?

We cannot make the decision for you.

All good questions, I do some post processing now, I kind of wonder  if the time that I have available will change after having a kid. Retro vibe is definitely not more important than AF/Image quality. Film simulations would be nice to have but aren’t a necessity. That’s why I posed the question; these things may be nice to have, but if Sony is ultimately going to give me a better end product (my photos and video) then I’d want to pay the difference. Everyone has given great input so far, I’m leaning toward sony with what everyone has said so far!

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