[Searching] Speciality Camera for Product Photos (Replacement for Sony RX10 III)

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[Searching] Speciality Camera for Product Photos (Replacement for Sony RX10 III)


I run a small online shop where we sell Film Cameras, Lenses and Accessories for Vintage Film Cameras. Right now, we use a Sony RX10 M3 for our product photos, but the shutter button is giving up. It seems, like it is a common problem with the RX10, that the contact under the shutter button gets greasy and stops working.

So, I am searching a camera that can replace the RX10 as our daily driver. The new camera does not have to be a bridge camera like the RX10. A system with an appropriate lens would also be fine. The problem is, that I have some pretty specific requirements fot the camera, which are:

1. Some kind of digital zoom (digital tele converter) feature with button press (as image quality is not as important here as speed. We use the digital 1,4-2x teleconerter of the RX10 to capture small details, dents etc.)

2. Remote Control Compatibility (gPhoto support, see List of supported cameras here: http://www.gphoto.org/doc/remote/), so I do not have to use the SD Card for image transfer

3. Some Macro Capability (which means, a pretty near close focusing distance of 30cm for at least a part of the available zoom range)

4. Charging through USB (the USB cable that we use to connect the camera to the PC also doubles as a charger, so we do not have to change the batteries often).

5. Fast AF (as I mentioned, speed is key here).

6. Built in flash (we tried external flashes, but they are too bulky and reach out too far above the lens).

I know, it's a tough call, but maybe some photo nerd has the right camera in mind.

Thanks and Greetings Vlad

Canon EOS M3 Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10
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