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cheap 512GB CFExpress for D850

Started 9 months ago | Discussions thread
Oleg osovitskiy
Oleg osovitskiy New Member • Posts: 16
Re: cheap 512GB CFExpress for D850

Fullframer wrote:

For Video, the Nikon D850 maxes out in its top shooting mode, 4K30, at a bitrate of around 120-144 Mbps. So even the Sony XQD card at 400mb are more than camera can handle. Nikon Rep told me this. Any cards rated faster, won't help you in camera, just wasting your $. Only helps when you go to put card in card reader to offload.

Please, don't confuse megabits and megabytes.

XQD cards are rated at 440 MBytes/s (MB/s)

While video is 144 Megabits per second (I measured and get around 125-130 Mbps).

My D850 produces 4K@30 fps approximate file size is 1 Gigabyte / minute.

1024 / 60 = 17 MB/s (megabytes per second). I assure you even the 10 years old SD card rated at 45 MB/s can cope with that data flow. I tried with the old SD card and indeed it works fine. You don't need fast XQD / CFe cards for video.

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