Z6II Focus Shift Shooting

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Re: Z6II Focus Shift Shooting

Ruby Rod wrote:

I've tried various stacking programs but usually use Affinity Photo. Rarely do I need more than 20 images, but it depends on the subject. As said above, the focus is left at the last point, so it's easy to continue from there if you need to. OTOH, I've forgotten to return the focus to the nearest point for another go more times than I care to admit. The step size is trial and error, but I'm usually somewhere the middle or a bit finer. Don't get carried away with stacking. It's a lifesaver when you need it, but just stopping down is often enough. I stack for macro, almost never for landscapes. IMO, the loss in resolution from diffraction is often similar in annoyance to the artifacts that may show up from stacking. If you have time, try both.

IMO, it's an odd implementation. If I ruled the world and could have designed the interface, it would have been to set the close point, set the far point and set the number of steps. But hey, it works fine just the way it is.

I used the original Hugin commands in linux, possibly also available in Windows and Apple.


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