Your precious and honest opinions about differences between Fujifilm and others (Sony, Canon, Nikon)

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Your precious and honest opinions about differences between Fujifilm and others (Sony, Canon, Nikon)

Hi everyone!

I am into photography world around 6 years. I had some friends who were professional photographers. I had my first camera around 10 years ago, but didn't take much photos, maybe I have used it for a 1-2 months and that's all. But 6 years ago, thanks to my friends, I started to be interested in photography again. At that time, when I asked them which camera and lens I should buy, they told me that I should get a small aps-c camera that i can bring it with myself everywhere and try to shoot as many as I can.

I searched, watched videos and decided to buy my first Fujifilm camera. It was small, compact and retro design was perfect for my taste. Year by year, I almost tried every lenses, I switched my cameras to x-t2, x-t3, x-t4, x-pro3, x100f, x100v and so on. I have now x100v and x-t4 which I wanted to switch it with x-t5.

Of course, in these years I have searched other brands and cameras as well. I wanted to try full frame cameras but that mean was changing all system. Beside this, I love fuji cameras and lenses so I didn't want to change brand at all.

In years, I became more professional, I mean much amateur than before Some people wanted me to buy my shots, some of them want me to shoot their portraits for money. Of course not too professional way like studio or for a magazine.

I asked to my photographer friends that I should change my system to full frame or not, they all the time told me that there is no necessary, your eyes is taking picture not your camera and so on. You heard these sentences too I think But interestingly all of them are using full frames for their jobs such as Sony a7iv, a7riv, Nikon z6ii, Nikon z7ii, canon r5,r6 and so on. For me its really strange thing that they are offering something but doing another thing. In YouTube videos as well, when you watch reviews for Fujifilm aps-c cameras, they all say perfect things and these cameras can be used for professional works too but most of them are using full frames.

I don't know if I will be professional photographer, I mean if I ll do it for living or not, but being limited annoys me. I mean, I feel like professional photographers don't say their honest opinions about cameras. Yes, your eyes are taking photos, yes photography is different thing from cameras, yes our time is kind of marketing time but why all these people say something but doing another thing? For all of them Fujifilm is great, so why then full frame on their hands all the time? what is this professional works that Fujifilm can't do?

For example if you tell me that Sony's autofocus is better and I m sport photographer, I understand it completely. Or if you tell me that this camera has this function but Fujifilm doesn't, I understand it too. But all we know that its about image quality, FOV, more bokeh or playing more deeply with raw files. I think that's why all photographers have ff or medium format, but for 'photography' they are saying classic phrases. your eyes, your brain, la la la

That's why I want to ask you, not my friends please tell me what really differs between Fujifilm aps-c cameras and canon r5,r6, Nikon z6,z7, Sony a7iv, v and so on? For which reasons I should have full frame camera? how much percent professional works I can do with my x-t5 and new brands? 70,80,90? or not at all?

If you have both systems, what are differences for you? Why do you have 2 systems? Why Fujifilm can't be enough for everything? Low light, night photography really different among full frame and aps-c?

And why all professional photographers are using best and last full frame equipments but suggesting as aps-c and other ones?

I hope I made myself clear about it and thank you in advance for your precious answers.

Canon EOS R5 Canon EOS R6 Fujifilm X100F Fujifilm X100V Fujifilm X-T2 Fujifilm X-T3 Fujifilm X-T4 Fujifilm X-T5 Nikon Z6 Nikon Z7
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