Cant locate my icon or my drive!

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Re: Cant locate my icon or my drive!

Two other things that occur to me:

1. If the drive is formatted using NTFS, and you're using a third-party NTFS driver, the issue might be that the third-party driver is not fully compatible with current versions of macOS, or requires you to take extra security steps to get it up and running.

This wouldn't mean that the data on your drive is lost.  Only that you need to install a compatible third-party driver correctly, or get rid of the third-party driver and go back to the read-only Apple one.

2. If you are using an Apple-Silicon-based MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you may have run afoul of a new security feature that requires special authorization of some directly-attached USB-C devices.

Again, the data on your drive wouldn't be gone.  You'd just have to jump through the new security hoops before your Mac would recognize and let you use the drive.

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