Cant locate my icon or my drive!

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Re: Cant locate my icon or my drive!

What does your Mac show when you run Disk Utility – not to Partition or Erase or run First Aid on anything, but just to see what disks and volumes it thinks are there?

E.g., here's what I see on an old iMac, where I switched from using the internal HDD to using a larger external SSD when I needed more space.  Disk Utility sees that there is a HFS+ (Mac OS X Extended (Journaled)) volume on the internal hard drive, even though I'm not using that drive and have it dismounted (to reduce noise).

Does your Western Digital drive show as looking OK, but just unmounted?

Another thing to check might be your Finder Preferences, where you control whether to show drive icons on the Desktop and in Finder window sidebars.  A drive could be fine, and mounted, and still appear to be "missing" if you had those preferences turned off.  (These days, I believe they are turned off by default.)

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