Curiosity: GPU 3060 vs 3060Ti

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Re: Curiosity: GPU 3060 vs 3060Ti

CBR1100XX wrote:

I don't see benchmarks for Topaz video but this should help:

It's an Intel Arc review but the 3060/3060 Ti are cards that they ran it against. The 3060 Ti looks slightly faster in workloads, the 3060 is actually faster in Lightroom though that's a weird one normally. And if a program is VRAM limited in the future you can get by a bit longer with the 3060 most likely.

So I wouldn't pay a big premium for the Ti but if it's small it might be worth it. Especially if you plan on upgrading anyways in 3-5 years. I think it'll take at least a few years for programs to require more than 8GB of VRAM since so many cards are just 8-10GB right now and that would cut out a big chunk of the user base.

I recently went for a 3060 Ti but I got it for only 50 more than the 3060 and got it as a stop gap since my 1080 is a bit long in the tooth now.

I appreciate your comment about the VRAM, I was thinking that video editing needed the higher VRAM to perform well.

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