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Need new computer…budget recommendations?

Started 4 months ago | Discussions thread
foot Veteran Member • Posts: 4,791
some thoughts pro-laptop

laptop's have some advantages over desktops, desktops have some over laptops

pro laptops:

batteries included!! lol

running off of batteries can prevent data corruption if there are power issues, such as brownouts or blackouts

laptops use less power

laptops have a builtin display, however if you want you can use an external display

color gamut of the display is more important for some than others. If you need/want better color, you can get someething like a dell laptop and specify the higher-end display, or use an external monitor. My laptop could be upgraded by the user to a better display, but I don't need it so saved some money

if you go with a laptop, either get 32 gig ram, or get a laptop that can be upgraded to more memory. I did that with my laptop...I upgraded one of the 8 gig memory stick with a 32 gig one, giving me a total of 40 Gig ram

also some laptops allow for additional SSD. Mine did and I later on added a 2 TB M.2 SSD drive

the GPU won't be upgradabe. But many laptops have pretty good GPUs for a good price. Depends on your budget

also make sure to check what USB, USB-C ports the laptop comes with.

there never seems to be enough!! lol

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