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Why the slow Adobe support for A7R V

Started 4 months ago | Discussions thread
dunnerdoitmon Junior Member • Posts: 41
Re: Why the slow Adobe support for A7R V

Walter wrote:

Is it common for Adobe to be slow to release camera support after a new camera is being sold and out there?

Walter, I recall someone posting a comment on this forum that 'Adobe don't get on with Sony' which I think was in relation to lack of lens support. Not sure why but it was only a week or so ago. However, I also noticed a week ago that CaptureOne (C1) didn't support the A7RV either, when I was seeking to purchase their software. So I contacted C1 who replied promptly to say version 16.0.1 of CaptureOne 23 had just been released which does support the new camera. I've now got C1 and an A7RV (I live in the UK) and I'm as happy as Larry. I believe Affinity RAW also supports the A7RV so there are alternatives in case Adobe doesn't deliver. I'm sure they will, otherwise they'll lose customers.

I would suggest you contact Adobe and ask them for an update. Good luck.

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