Too much gear - what to sell

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Too much gear - what to sell

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Just some thoughts... feel free to comment on my struggles or to share your own.

As Im sure most of you, I have more gear than I use. There's always a reason to buy something, instead of selling it again. Now since photography is a hobby, I'm not too worried about it, though I think it's time to focus on having less. Using what you have. Loving the art of creating a photo, instead of searching for new lenses. At least in my case. Then the question at hand is: what to sell? Camera's and lenses I use

- Canon 5D III, 1Ds II and III: 5D I just got, and I'm torn between keeping the II or III + 5D.

- Canon 350D (my first DSLR)+18-55 IS STM: Not going to sell the body, but the lens?

- Canon G1X Mk II, Canon S120 IS

- Fuji X100s

- Canon 24-70 F4L, 70-200 F4L, 40 2.8, 50 1.8 STM, 85 1.8, 28-70 3.5-4.5 (great lens), some cheap 19-35, Tamron 28-75 2.8 (old one)

In an ideal situation, I think one should/could have three sets: always carry along; small but higher quality; higher end for when ultimate quality is wished

I finished studying not too long ago, so my income isn't anywhere near disposable. Therefore I think I'll keep the S120 for always carrying along. Small, good quality, cost me $75. No great losses if it gets stolen.

Then the debate which to keep for day trips, short holidays or when traveling light. I'm torn between G1X Mk II and X100s. Love the versatiliity of the Canon, quite a performer regarding small DOF and high quality images, it does rival my L lens in daylight and does excellent in low light: family parties etc are an ease, ISO 6400 is great and 24mm F2 ensures high enough shutter speeds. Canon DPP4 does help me process pictures how I want them to become, although the camera itself is quite frustrating sometimes. Past holiday some photos didn't come back as I hoped for the screen is unusable in bright daylight. Wifi is handy though. The Fuji is excellent as well, it has a VF, great IQ, great JPEGs (no need for processing RAWs), love the looks. I just LOVE taking it with me, the feeling of using it is so great. Some other holiday I only took the Fuji and the photos came out nice, didn't even miss my DSLR or zoom lenses. Landscapes, portraits, street... it does all. The 35mm (eq) lens is limiting sometimes though, the occasional selfie with GF (o yes, so important these days) is a pain with 35mm and no flipping screen. Win for the Canon. And while I love the manual control, I hate to use the EVF for focussing - the X100T solved it by having a small EVF in the OVF for focussing. So both have strengths and weaknesses and I can't decide which to keep (or keep both...). Thought about selling both these and the S120 and getting a used Sony RX100 Mk III (has an EVF), although I don't think I'll take the Sony with me everywhere since it's more expensive (should I loose it), a bit bigger than S120, and the colours don't seem to pleasing.

Then there is the lenses. First of all: the 19-35 and 28-70 were cheap as nuts, not selling them. The 18-55 IS STM for the 350D could be sold, as I used it for holidays etc but the X100S/G1X fulfills the role. I bought the Tammy 28-75 2.8 to use while my 24-70 F4L got repaired (took long). Love the 2.8, don't love the build or focussing. On the one hand, an F4 zoom lens doesn't make too much sense on full frame: I use full frame for the more shallow DOF. I find the 24-70 2.8L too heavy though, and like the macro function of the 4L. Don't trust the Sigma/Tamron 2.8 versions too much wide-open for focussing (tried some, relatively mis focussed), and stopping down to 3.2-3.5 is almost same as 4... So keep the 4L.

Between 40 2.8; 50 1.8 and 85 1.8 I think it's easy. Have the 40 and 50 for years, like the FOV of the 40 but the DOF of the 50 more. The 85 I've just got a few months, and is too long for my taste, as I use it as walk around all use lens. Think I'll sell all  three and get a 50 1.4. Would love the older Sigma 50 1.4, though its probable focus accuracy problems would drive me nuts - buying used, returning isn't as easy. The Art is too expensive.

So that was just it. Share your advices or own stories.

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