Second m43 body for stills - questions

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Second m43 body for stills - questions

I am happy with my GH5M2 so far. I am transitioning from DSLR to ML faster than I thought. I am now researching what should be my second body that I want to buy in 2023 Summer. I am also hoping that both Panasonic and OM will reveal some new models/plans by then.

I heard several stories/opinions on the forums that Oly was going out of business and recently that Panasonic is abandoning m43. I do not believe either. What is happening for sure is a shift to higher end bodies and lenses. Incidentally, the two most recent releases from Panasonic are m43 bodies (GH6 in 2022 and GH5M2 in 2021). It is the FF market that should feel ignored If anything, they may end the G9 line and pursue GH6. It would be nice if they introduced a G9.2 or G10 with the GH6 sensor.

Both GH6 and OM-1 have had significant discounts this holiday week. I usually see those discounts only past the peak moment in the product's life cycle. So, this is interesting.

My current event kit:

  • D7200 + Sigma 18-35/1.8 ART
  • GH5M2 + Oly 40-150/2.8 PRO

My outdoor kit:

  • D7200 + DX18-140
  • GH5M2 + PL100-400

My replacement plan for D7200:

  • Second m43 body (first priority)
  • PL12-35/2.8 II or Oly 12-40/2.8 II PRO (this is second priority because I already have PL12-60)

For those of you using both brands, I'd like to know your thoughts on which brand or model does better face/eye AF. While my GH5M2 doesn't do eye detection, it does well with people/face/animal detection. Besides the size, this is the biggest benefit I have over D7200. It is just not as sticky with AF on moving faces, as I would have liked. The IQ is not better than D7200 but is close for my purposes with good light.

High-res shooting mode for those less than 1% situations, less than DSLR weight and face/eye detect are my biggest requirements.

I have been researching GH6, G9, E-M1.3 and OM-1. Nothing came out as a clear winner so far. I considered GH6 for its 25MP stacked sensor, but I am not so sure after reading all the reviews. I'll post my findings in my next reply post. The weight, which is more than my D7200, is also a downside for me. The other three bodies have the weight advantage.

Similarly, OM-1 seems to do everything pretty well but the E-M1.3 seems to do everything I need, for $600 less.

So, it's tough finding a balance... where it is worth spending few hundreds more, or where the extra money goes into features I won't use.


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