Is the XH-2s (potentially) the body for me?

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Is the XH-2s (potentially) the body for me?

Okay, so very first time poster but long time lurker. A bit of background about me to contextualise my question.

I'm an intermediate level shooter who mostly enjoys documentary (i.e. unscripted) style event, family, and street photography. Mostly outdoors and absolutely no flash. Currently occasionally dabble in some sports shooting or trying to take a few photos of animals/birds in the zoo or a park.

I started out with Sony APS-C bodies (pre the 6600 refreshes) but generally never agreed with their handling plus the rather unappealing colours/colour casts that needed a lot of work. And oh dear me if I ever have to dive deep into the menus to change settings.

When the X-T4 came out, I made a full blown change into the Fuji world and gradually acquired all the gear in my gear list plus a couple more small primes. Generally speaking, I love the controls and even the auto-focus is mostly more than fine in situations where I am in events etc and I can take a bit of care/pre-adjust settings. But wide focus area plus kids running around unpredictably yields unpredictable results. The Fuji menus are much better than Sony but still not a bundle of joy to navigate.

Almost none of my work are paid/professional, except for the odd task I do for  associates/community groups. But I am trying to get more deeply into some voluntary work and potential future paid work documenting families from more disadvantaged backgrounds and I am starting to find the unreliability of the XT-4's autofocus to either make me do more posed/heavily directed shots that I would like or just causing a bit too much frustration here and there. And because of the cultural background of a lot of these people (Pasifika or refugees from fairly hierarchical societies) I find that when I "direct" them, they come to see me as some kind of person of authority, tense up, and a lot of the magic is lost.

My dabble in sports/animal shooting so far is revealing that in cases where I am very deliberate, the XT-4 is producing some very usable results by my standards but the moment that I'm not? Very inconsistent results.

Undoubtedly I can get better at controlling my current camera more quickly but I am in a financial position where I can afford to buy an XH-2s body if it can help to lead to less frustration. OTOH a few factors also worry me and this is where I'd appreciate the input of those who've used XT-3/XT-4s and the XH-2s and XT-5:

  1. I've become quite comfortable with shooting aperture priority or manual via using the dials on my XT-4. Would your expectation be that someone of intermediate skills but also generally a bit fumble-prone etc to struggle with the "new" controls of the XH-2s?
  2. I've never dearly loved the size of the XT-4 but OTOH find it pretty manageable now and largely it's "out of the way". For any average/small-ish sized people out there, what's been your experience in terms of your transition to the XH-2s?
  3. Factor (2) leads me to be tempted by the XT-5 but comments on its (or XH-2's) AF performance is all over the place. It seems like it is better than the XT-4 but not transformative. And I am not sure I'd want to incur the cost of an upgrade for relatively incremental gains.

Can any of you with relevant experience please provide some comments? Ultimately the decision to upgrade or not is always still on me but if the new body can help me focus more on people/composition etc, it could be worth it. I just would like to know what I can realistically expect. Thanks.

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