Rendering tests

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Rendering tests

I got some great advice here on adapting a Polaroid lens to use on my Nikon Z6ii. While I was playing around and evaluating it, fferreres started a thread about beautiful rendering. And then I read blåland's thread about bokeh battle. This all got me to think that evaluating my Ennit 127mm without any context was not very useful. If I didn't know how it compared to the other lenses I have, how would I know when it was the right lens to use?

The expected use for the Enna Ennit 127mm (Polaroid 110A camera) lens was for portraiture, so I grabbed four other lenses and talked my wife into sitting for me to do a comparison. I found the results very interesting. Remember, this is an evaluation of rendering and not my portraiture skills...

All of these examples where shot wide open with each lens. They are in order of decreasing focal length.

Although the image says 5.6 this was actually wide open.

Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 D

I always felt I knew my lenses but there were a couple of surprises coming out of this exercise.

  • Vivitar is plenty sharp enough wide open for portraits.
  • Nikon 85mm is plenty sharp enough wide open for portraits but the transition is harsh.
  • Rodagon enlarging lens was nicely balanced and had a very pleasant OOF transition. Even if not the softest OOF background.
  • Nikon Z lens really falls short for this type of work. It's a great general use lens but I found it very harsh compared to the other lenses.
  • Although I expected to really like the Ennit 127mm, I don't. 

Some of the issues I found with the Nikkor 24-70 Z might be down to Lightroom and the way it applies correction whether you want it or not. To try to get around this I ran it through DXO PureRAW to create a DNG. I still found this lens to be the least flattering.

I'm not sure if this is useful for anyone else but it was a good exercise for me.


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