Detail with super bright colors ?

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Chris Wolfgram
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Detail with super bright colors ?

So a couple of my favorite birds have colors which are SO bright, it's rediculous !

The Ruby Crowned Kinglets crown, is like a little neon light bulb. I've taken some really nice, tack sharp shots of them, and the feather fiber detail is really great on their bodies, and face, but in the same photos, when you get to that super bright orangey red crown, the detail is kind of lost ☹️

So a few days ago, I took a 100 mile journey to find my Vermilion Flycatcher. Most of his body is almost the same exact orangey red as the RCK's crown...

Well, the first couple times I shot him with my Sigma 150-600... With all the focus pulsing issues, and so when many were not quite as sharp, or lacked detail in the brightly colored parts of the bird, I wrote it off on the focusing issues. This time however, I figured with my 800mm F11 (a sharp lens, with very good focusing) I'd get lots of detail....

But no ☹️ Just about like the last time. However, on that same trip, I shot a much less colorful bird, a Says Phoebe, and the detail was stunning !

Im starting to feel like the crazy bright colors are just messing with the sensor, even though, I usually underexpose by 2/3rds of a stop ?

I have considered going into my camera saturation settings and bumping it down a couple notches... I mean I can always crank it back up in Photoshop if need be.

Have any of you ever done this for certain overly bright colors ?

Any other suggestions ?

Do you think my theory about the crazy bright colors messing with the sensor sound plausible ?

Any other thoughts or suggestions ?

I'll post a few examples to show what I'm talking about...

I want all of my bird shots to have the fine detail as my last shot here. Am I asking to much ?

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