Current 'gem' lenses in the Compact/Light category?

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Current 'gem' lenses in the Compact/Light category?

So I'm currently looking to build out a new system, with probably the A7iv as the body for it, and am looking to pick out a set of lenses. And for my purposes, while size/weight isn't the biggest factor, its fairly important to me where possible.

Every system has some small/light lenses, but often they have compromises in some areas in order to make them so small. But this isn't -always- the case, as I've known some tiny lenses end up punching well above their weight.

So I was curious to hear what people would say are the "surprisingly small and surprisingly great images" lenses are for sony fe these days?

I'm already looking at the Tamron 20-40 as a daily walkabout, as it seems to be pretty decent (from what I've heard, I'd happily hear opinions though) and also pretty tiny/light for a fixed 2.8.

Obviously budget matters, so a 'very good' lens at £700 will win (for me) over a slightly better lens at £1700 (which I know sony has its own fair share of haha)

Others I've noticed:

Couple of samyangs, particularly the 35/1.8 and the 75/1.8 (as the custom switch gives them some decent usability, though not sure yet if the image quality is there)

Sigma contemporary lenses (35/2 and 45/2.8? and I think theres a 24 too?) with the aperture rings seem solid. Not as light as I'd like but pretty compact and very high quality images it seems.

I'm interested in all focal lengths, just out of curiosity, so hit me with all the ones you like! But for my specific purchasing needs, I'm after a wide angle (16/18/20 kind of region), a midrange (35/40/50) and a portrait/macro (50/75/90 kind of range). Though I don't think 'small' and 'macro' ever really goes together haha.

Interested to see what people come up with!

(Personally not too interested in adapted lenses, as they usually end up bigger because of needing the adapter, but if there's something that's particularly good even -with- the adapter on it, then fire away!)

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