What's this on my display?

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Re: What's this on my display?

xpatUSA wrote:

Stillton wrote:

Johan Borg wrote:

My Merrill and Quattro cameras where all set to -1.0 since the default sharpening is very high and introduces halo artofacts in the JPEG files

Is it something only visible when JPEG out of camera is used?


I am not seeing sharpness artifacts when saving a JPEG out of SPP.

I agree that review images are over-sharpened by SPP with Merrills. All my Merrills showed an overshoot in QuickMTF edge response at 0.0 sharpening. Testing raw, JPEG, TIFF showed almost no over-shoot at about -1.0.

Also, in Merrill low-res, 0.0 was quite acceptable for shrubbery and rolling hills to my eye.

was it tested with de-noising for chroma, luma and banding set on "normal" or medium (3) for all MTF tests?

What happens to MTf response when those values are changed? Just curious about what those sliders do to the MTF.

Also, which tool do you use to calculate MTF?

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