sigma dp3 merrill or sony rx1r ???

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Re: sigma dp3 merrill or sony rx1r ???

41mm wrote:


1. My personal choice would be dp3m because of 1:1:1 sensor, compared to 1/4 : 1/4 :1/2 Bayer and because of how it renders color.

2. 100% raw.

(imho) it makes very little sense to go on location, snap a JPEG (8bit, Q9) lossy image especially when the sensor is so good.

It would be like buying a mcLaren 720 or a good Cayman and replacing proper high grip tires with some plastic sh+t (because it is more convenient). It might be convenient when paying for it ( less time spent "developing" images and the space needed to store images) but it will severely limit how much you can achieve later.

If you think about it, the only reason you take a picture is to enjoy looking at it later. Anything else that sits in-between is gonna get forgotten (crappy camera experience, time spent developing images and saving them as oppose to already having a simple baked in-camera jpeg).

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