The Big Chore: properly organising photos

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The Big Chore: properly organising photos

Since 2019, I have fully committed to a Linux Ubuntu/darktable workflow. I've been ruthless with my photo organisation.  I store my images using a year/month/outing folder structure and I regularly review and cull.  I still need to go through and apply a rational keywording structure rather than the make something up off the top of your head approach but that should be a manageable one-off project. I'm happy with the organisation of my darktable archive.

The problem is all the photos I shot from 2001-2019.  These are in my windows/lightroom perpetual setup (it's a dual boot machine).

For some reason, when I started using LR I didn't adopt a sensible year/month structure, instead I organised things by camera/outing. I guess it made some kind of sense in the early days, because I knew which camera was in use in which timeframe, but that's long forgotten.

You can use the collections feature to group photos into years based on the capture time metadata but there are two problems with this. Firstly, it sucks in all my partner's photos which really confuses things because she had done no photo management at all or culled anything. Secondly, a collection doesn't behave like a folder in that you can't delete images directly from the collection, you have to jump into the actual folder to do that.

So, my LR catalogue of 40k photos is an organisational mess and in a different application, different OS and effectively different computer.

What I want to do is sift my entire collection from darktable and LR for decent photos that I can group together into genres (landscapes, long exposures etc) so I can create dedicated galleries for these genres on my website, for print collections and to create books.

But I have no strategy for sorting this out. I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one who has been so shamefully dis-organised. Does anyone who's been through this process themself have any sage advice?

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