Another OM1 FW1.3 SUCCESS story

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Another OM1 FW1.3 SUCCESS story

My Panasonic 30mm f2.8 macro, a lovely lens, no longer makes dreadful grinding noises from the AF motor in CAF mode in low light with my OM1, after FW 1.3.

My 17mm.f1.8 Oly also doesn't click away from AF motor noises like a crazy metronome... SUPER nice to have fixed as well.

Together with fixing the CAF medium distance focus failure with Premium Primes (a HUGE concern for me), fixing the SAF focus failure in low indoor light, single AF point, with Premium Primes, and now fixing my macro lens issues, THANK YOU VERY MUCH OMDS. You obviously have some good people in your development team... i was starting to get worried about the future.

I'm looking forward to being gobsmacked by FW 2.0!!! Just kidding... but keep the good work coming.

My OM1 has gone from "I cant trust this thing for mission critical work", to "I want a second one now as my older bodies have no advantage anymore".

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