Switching from Fuji to Full Frame - Advice?

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Switching from Fuji to Full Frame - Advice?

Hi guys,

Im looking to switch from Fuji APS-C to Full Frame (well not entirely because I'll probably use adapted EF or F lenses and keep the Fuji bodies because I like the colors for personal photography). I shoot mostly in events (high ISO) and I want to maximise resolution (+crop-ability) and dynamic range for prints for portrait/fashion, hence the need for an upgrade mostly. I am not sure I will see THAT much of a difference upgrading but essentially I need advice on what system to invest in that would make the upgrade as worthy and obvious as possible.

For the moment Canon/Nikon have my preference, followed by Sony and Panasonic. Somehow Sony FF seems to have quite poor high ISO performance in the FF world and marginally better than Fuji? I want to avoid using Topaz Denoise or DxO Prime as much as possible.

I have summarized below the pros/cons of each system (and preferred camera) according to my personal research but please advise on any personal experience or recommendations on points I might have missed?

Thank you very much for your help!

Canon (R5):

Pros: great selection of lenses in EF, great autofocus, good video capacities, great high ISO performance

Cons: most expensive system, no third party options for RF

Nikon (Z7II):

Pros: reasonable price, great selection of F lenses, better Dynamic range (cameras with ISO 64), great high ISO performance

Cons: not the best video features, autofocus not on par with top performers, no fully articulated screen, no third party options for Z (except for Viltrox)

Sony (A7R5):

Pros: highest resolution, great selection of lenses for FE with large third party support, best in class autofocus

Cons: comparatively poor high ISO performance for FF, slower sensor readout for video, cannot adapt E lenses to my personal Fuji bodies lineup

Panasonic (S1R/S5)

Pros: best value and comparatively cheap, great video features, good high ISO performance

Cons: worst AF out of the group with only DfD contrast based technology so far (heard phase detection is coming next year) and cannot adapt L lenses to my personal Fuji bodies lineup

Nikon Df
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