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No, as I x-ray memory on just about a daily basis. Looking for reasons why it's already casters up in some way. X-rays don't cause any further damage. Gamma rays, on the other hand, do. However, I only see that from items which have been in space. Our atmosphere stops a lot of gamma rays. Or gear used in the nuclear industry. One can find gamma rays there.

What can make your cards deader than a doornail here on Earth is static electricity. The memory inside the card is quite susceptible to that. The pins have transient absorbing components at the pins but quite often they fail on an earlier Zap and then essentially are not any help for a subsequent Zap.

And we keep these in nylon bags, which love to generate Zaps. This is why cards have a little plastic case to keep them in. The plastic has a resistive conductive aspect which greatly helps when it comes to ESD.

And then we tend to lose then little plastic cases....


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