56mm 1.2 R with a 40 MP sensor samples anyone?

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Re: One more set of samples... these are better focused

Hi Erik, thanks for sharing your view. As I see you have an XT2 like myself. On that camera the AFC is barely usable with the 56mm, even AF-S requires proper technique. I have read numerous times that , that the AF performance of the old slow lenses (speaking of 35mm 1.4, 56mm) has improved considerably with newer bodies.

there's also lots of reports, that the AF speed of the new and old 56mm lenses is actually very close. interestingly fuji themselves even state in one interview, that increased AF speed is not one of the benefits the new 56mm has over the old one. so the expectation that both 56mm perform *good enough* in a less dynamic, posed half body portrait setting with newer bodies is realistic in my eyes.

the first set of Rivki's images shows, that the old lens consistently fails to nail tack sharp focus. considering the a.m. assumption that the focussing speed of the lenses is not worlds apart, leaves room for hope, that this is rather related to the way the AF algorithm fine tunes and settles final focus.

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

DuncanIdaho wrote:

Hi Rivki, thanks a lot for posting these comparison files! I was looking them while having breakfast by myself so no worries at all

It is good to see how well the old lens stands up against its younger sibling. did you also take some photos stopped down? I see that the difference quite noticable at 1.2, but I assume that at least in the central area the the gap should close considerable when both lense are used at f2 or more.

ah and one other question regarding AF: apart from the obvious inaccuracy using eye AF, do you feel the old lens' motor can keep up when using eye AF in AF-C? my hope would be that the eye AF precision is rather a software issue that can be mitigated via firmware updates, but first of all the lens needs to be powerful enough to follow the continuous autofocus commands of the camera.

The old 56 has always been quirky in the AF department and doubt any firmware update is going to make AF-C eye tracking work properly with it. If you want consistently sharp eyes with the old 56, I could be wrong, but I’m thinking AF-S/ single point is going to be the preferred way to go with that particular lens.

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