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Re: look at nikon's lens road map ..... that is what nikon told us what to expect ....

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No, I won't argue that APS-C offers lighter, cheaper and faster lenses than FF equivalents. When they're equivalent, they're almost always the same cost and just as heavy — if not costlier and heavier due to being more rare/exotic/specialty products and using more premium build materials.

There's an advantage in terms of size of weight, at least if you compare fuji's f1.4 primes to nikon Z S primes, which I would consider by all practical purposes equivalent. Of course, if you go long teles you will lose any gain, but in the more standard focal range there is still a significant benefit to APS-C.
Anyway I agree with you that Nikon could try to at least make a distinction between the DX and FX line by making the first more travel friendly (slow compact zooms and a bunch of compact primes) and leaving to the second the best optical quality (at the expense of size and weight).

If we compare the latest lenses, Fuji ones are smaller but not that much. They are mainly shorter and their weight is quite comparable:

XF 23 mm f/1,4 R LM WR -> 67x78 mm, 375 g

XF 33 mm f/1,4 R LM WR -> 67x74 mm, 360 g

XF 56 mm f/1,2 R WR -> 79x76 mm, 445 g

Z 35 mm f/1.8 S -> 73x86 mm, 370 g

Z 50 mm f/1.8 S -> 76x87 mm, 415 g

Z 85 mm f/1.8 S -> 75x99 mm, 470 g

But all these Fuji lenses are more expensive than Nikon options. And at least in my local prices, quite noticeably with current discounts for Nikon gear.

It's usually manufacturer related. Fuji lenses tend to be slightly bigger and more expensive over other apsc offering.

You can buy great Sigma f1.4 series. 16mm is relatively big, but others have very nice quality/size/price ratio:

30mmf1.4 - $264, 265g

56mmf1.4 - $404, 280g

I have 56mm on Sony A6400 for portraits - stunning performance in small package for reasonable price. Really shame, that they don't produce 23/24mm prime, 30mm is not my cup of tea...

I completely agree, that's why I said in one of my other posts that OP should compare specific lenses that are of interest.

Those two sigma primes that you mentioned are very interesting, I hope that Sigma will bring them to Z mount. And also that Nikon releases APS-C body with IBIS, they are the last one without such option...

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