Frustrated over lens selection

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Re: look at nikon's lens road map ..... that is what nikon told us what to expect ....

mmartel wrote:

No, I won't argue that APS-C offers lighter, cheaper and faster lenses than FF equivalents. When they're equivalent, they're almost always the same cost and just as heavy — if not costlier and heavier due to being more rare/exotic/specialty products and using more premium build materials.

There's an advantage in terms of size of weight, at least if you compare fuji's f1.4 primes to nikon Z S primes, which I would consider by all practical purposes equivalent. Of course, if you go long teles you will lose any gain, but in the more standard focal range there is still a significant benefit to APS-C.
Anyway I agree with you that Nikon could try to at least make a distinction between the DX and FX line by making the first more travel friendly (slow compact zooms and a bunch of compact primes) and leaving to the second the best optical quality (at the expense of size and weight).

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