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Re: Example 4K Video

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Sony fx30, so the lens is effectively a 24-52mm + with Clear Image Zoom up to 80mm. Very versatile in APS-C.

The power zoom is useful - quiet and smooth, used sparingly. The AF is Sony's latest - two linear motors, so quiet and fast. The lack of OIS is not missed with a camera with IBIS, like the fx30.

F/6 though...

What does the mean - what is "F/6"? You mean effective DOF? Because it is F4 in terms of light gathering. F4 is F4 no matter what the sensor crop in terms of light.


Also just too dark for me, as demonstrated in that underexposed video. Would be ok in bright daylight. To each their own.

The video captures the light that was there, it is supposed to reflect the reality of the conditions, not turn shade and dimly lit interiors to look like bright sunshine. I guess you don't shoot video or understand exposure, or are just in a bad mood. And you must be very disappointed by the "underexposure" of dusk and dark days. F4 does not lead to underexposure or cause light to be dim.

Here is f4 in dimly-lit interiors:

Underexposed? You really don't understand it seems.

I wasn't there, so I don't know. I get there is a preference and artistic element to exposure.

I don't like that lens. Sorry. It doesn't make it a bad lens or that you made a mistake buying it. I think F/4 is too dark for APS-C, and the depth of field is too deep. That is just my opinion and doesn't make it a bad lens.

To be frank, you and the other guy need to learn to take valid criticism without construing it as a personal attack or meaning that I must "know nothing".

Once you get beyond the visceral reaction, who knows, there might be a grain of truth in what I am saying that you both may benefit from. Or not.

Definitely NOT!

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