PC is on it's last leg, to Apple or not?

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Re: PC is on it's last leg, to Apple or not?

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True value is a PC. My former company (pharmaceuticals) did a years run with Apple laptops and the results were pretty bad. The IT department went up in arms with incompatibility and various problems. Back to PC's and mostly Dell and a few MS Surface tablets.

If the IT guys didn't beta test those computers with all their needed software they should be fired.

Don't need to buy an Apple product to know they are incompatibile with everything ever made.

In other words, you know squat about Apple products.

The question begs is why is pc's market share for business 3-4 x bigger than Apple? Lots of valid reasons, but non compatibility is always a issue. I know as I dealt with many OS when we would do installs on clients computer system. If Apple, it was mostly a nightmare.

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