Transfer an image to the Nikon 750 and view it on the LCD?

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Re: Transfer an image to the Nikon 750 and view it on the LCD?

First all the ideas here came from this thread in Ricoh cameras Forum and owe their genesis to Felix E Klee. I adapted and experimented until I got a repeatable result on the d750

At the moment I can add an image to the SDCard and see it on the LCD screen. I cannot zoom in. I've no idea why yet, but I have essentially solved my own needs. I may look into the zooming problem at some point.


1. Get and install the following software

a. Sony's Imaging Edge tools.

b. ImageMagick. I used v6

ImageMagick – Convert, Edit, or Compose Digital Images

c. Exiftool

ExifTool by Phil Harvey

2. Place a JPG file from your camera in a new working folder on your desktop computer. In my example the file is is DSC_5055.JPG.

3. Get an image. Mine was resized to 6016x4016 pixels in Photoshop.

4. Open your image in Imaging Edge Edit tool. Save as new jpg file with default settings. In my case input6016x4016.JPG. Place it in your working folder

This stage creates a jpg image that can be read by the camera at the end of the process. A photoshop generated jpg will not work without this initial step.

5. Duplicate the file and give it a DCF compliant name. In my case I used A0000001.JPG

6. In your terminal tool, run these commands after changing directory to your source folder.

exiftool -TagsFromFile DSC_5055.JPG -all:all -unsafe -XML:All -JFIF:ALL= A0000001.JPG

7. NOTE that my thumbnail is not yet recognised by the camera but this step appears to be essential. I think the format needs working on. That might be the size and/or the sampling factor

convert input6016x4016.JPG -resize 160x120 -background black -gravity center -extent 160x120 -sampling-factor 4:2:2 Thumb.jpg

exiftool "-ThumbnailImage<=Thumb.jpg" A0000001.JPG

8. Copy the file to the automatically created DCIM/subfolder on your sdcard. In my case the folder was DCIM/105ND750.

NIKON D750/DCIM/105ND750/A0000001.JPG

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