Frustrated over lens selection

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Re: Frustrated over lens selection

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

jimbojim wrote:

Just ranting about dx selection for z50. Currently using the 18-140 mm ,had the kit lenses when I bought the camera. Camera is very good, no problem there, but the lack of lenses for native format is frustrating. The price of full frame lenses are more than I can afford. Thinking of going to another format,brand, just to have some fast primes. Yes, I like stabilization in my photo equipment.

Did you look at the Viltrox line? The mostly have fast primes, but worth a look.

There is supposedly a 26mm DX (although I think it will be 24mm in reality) that should be coming out, and hopefully Nikon also does a 35mm 1.8 Z lens too and an ultra wide like a 10-24. Now with Tamron onboard, though, its possible we might see some of these (not necessarily OEM Z lenses but at least native third party options). Sounds like Sigma may also be getting onboard too.

There is 26 mm FF pancake and 24 mm DX prime on the Z lens roadmap.

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