TC1.4 vs Z50/Zfc

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Re: TC1.4 vs Z50/Zfc

aniltulsi wrote:

I have a Z6, and a 200-500 lens for birding. I wanted a smaller and faster (AF) lens, so was looking at 400mm f4.5 lens. As i find 400mm too short for birding, i was looking at two options:

1. Buy TC1.4, to increase the focal length to 560mm, but at f/6.3

2. Buy a Z50 (or Zfc), to increase the effective focal length to 600 mm, at f4.5, but with DX sensor.

There is little price difference between the TC and Z50, but I am ok with it.

Has anyone evaluated these options? Which combination gives better image quality, with respect to sharpness, high ISO performance and Dynamic range?

Other options i have looked at is the illusive 200-600 lens, which has no date of arrival, and i feel it will be heavier and slower than the 400mm lens. The 500mm pf, should be good, but I don't want to invest more in F mount lenses, and the Bokeh performance is not that good. The 100-400 with TC would be too slow, so skipping that option too.

Your second option is no improvement.

If you switch your Z6 to DX you have the same effect as buying a DX body.

Moreover if you use FF you can crop, and can worry less about getting the whole bird in the crop.

Lastly, the price of a TC1.4 saves you from trade loss on the bodies. I would (have actually) buy the TC2 on the basis that the 500/200 is already 2.5x. So your 200-500 becomes 400-1000. Less overlap. You will need a sunny day of course.

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