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Morris0 wrote:

Evan Atkinson wrote:

Morris0 wrote:

Hi Evan,

Your editing marks show on the last image. I can see what you like about it. The image dose not appear level even though it might be. The trick is to make the water line level when you post process.

Other things I noticed:

- White balance issues. If you are not shooting RAW, change as you can set your white balance when you convert

- Bird feeders are great ways to attract birds and help them during harsh times. Try to get pictures of birds on near by limbs. You can even place some near the feeder to get more natural looking images.

- When background and/or subject are changing rapidly, sometimes using manual exposure will allow you to get more consistent exposures without the camera being tricked. Google sunny 16 for a start.

Glad to see your enthusiasm and desire to learn.


Hi Morris, yeah I had a hard time editing the last image, in fact it was so overexposed not even clone stamping in photoshop didn't seem to solve it. I purposefully wanted to include the bird feeder there, my teacher asked me to leave it there. I shoot in raw and jpeg, and I only edit raw files if they are available to me. Yes I have stopped using auto ISO now, because I definitely could have corrected how bright the bird turned out if I noticed it. Unfortunately, I was nowhere near as technical in August, and only now I am starting to note if I have blown the whites at all. I have tried creating artificial perches, but I haven't had too much success, although it is something I should definitely work on. Please correct me if I am wrong on this, but with mirrorless, when looking through the viewfinder, does the image through the viewfinder change when the shutter speed is adjusted or ISO increased?

Kind regards,


One of the great things about mirrorless is you see exactly what you will get. With an dSLR, you can take sample images and review them. It's not as fast yet a workaround for static subjects.


I thought that is the case, my friend has the R7 on order so I will be able to try it out then. Only thing I dislike about it is the rolling shutter, which will probably affect the images I get of the sand martins (bank swallows).


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