Does Ventura allow writes to NTFS?

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Re: exFAT and Ventura - Apple's Release Notes

CAcreeks wrote:

Thanks a lot Tony, that's good information.

This kinda fits with my theory that exFAT and FAT32 are now implemented in user space instead of as a kernel extension.

Therefore applications such as MacFUSE and Paragon, which formerly relied on kernel extensions, probably stopped working. One workaround is to install a Linux virtual machine and use it to read the NTFS drive (says the Internet; not verified by me).

Paragon is advertising that the current version of their software is "macOS Ventura Compatible."

The page says that "Macs based on Apple M1/M2 chip require additional installation steps to run NTFS for Mac." You've basically got to jump through Recovery Manager and System Preferences hoops to reduce security levels enough to allow their NTFS extension to run.

Apple says on one of their development pages that "Software that supports a broad range of macOS versions should continue to use kernel extensions for older versions and run system extensions where supported."  It's possible that "Microsoft NTFS for Mac 15" (which supports everything from Sierra through Ventura) takes this approach, though Paragon's site does not describe their implementation in this much detail.

For macFUSE, see this thread:

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