Does Ventura allow writes to NTFS?

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Re: exFAT and Ventura - Apple's Release Notes

CAcreeks wrote:

Tom_N wrote:

I doubt if Apple has added built-in support for writing to NTFS-formatted disks. From my recollections of what I've read elsewhere,

  • NTFS isn't fully documented
  • macOS has code to write to NTFS, but that code is intentionally disabled
  • the most likely reason why it is disabled is that Apple does not have confidence in it, and does not want to risk corrupting customers' NTFS disks

Thanks Tom. If user-space NTFS support is new in Ventura 13, Apple documentation certainly doesn't say so. See the snippet below. The Kazakh headers don't give me great confidence, but it's good to see that exFAT is still supported. This is the only forum I found where posters claimed to be having problems with exFAT on Ventura.

What you really seem to be asking is more along the lines of "Will my third-party NTFS drivers continue to work, now that Apple is trying to move people from writing kernel extensions that run in system space, to writing drivers that run in user space?"

It would be nice if an API offered support for user-space filesystems, like FUSE on Linux.

From the apple in the horse's mouth:

Re exFAT - I'm way out of my knowledge zone really but Apple's macOS Ventura Release Notes in the section File System New Features state: "There‚Äôs a change to the implementation of the msdos and exfat file systems. Apps that check for those specific file system formats might not detect them."

Backblaze and Affinity Photo, after I recently upgraded to Ventura, both had problems accessing an exFAT formatted external SSD attached to my iMac - although Backblaze said they had developed a new beta of their app to workaround this change, they suggested it would be better/easier if I could reformat to APFS or macOS Extended - in my case I've been able to do that and Backblaze and Affinity are now back working fine with this SSD.

I'm not sure of this information has any relevance to the issue you are discussing but I noticed exFAT had been mentioned so thought I'd pass on this information. Please ignore if irrelevant!

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