I am still reading bad things about Fuji focus

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Re: I am still reading bad things about Fuji focus

Autismo wrote:

I am not trying to stir up controversy or trolling. I am very close to ordering an XT5. I get it when a Sony lover goes on about Sony being great, but even DP just posted a good and bad about Fuji and they slammed the autofocus. Talked about eyelash instead of iris focus. I am not worried about sports or fast tracking. I just want portraits to have reliable eye detection focus. I find it hard to believe that the latest Fuji bodies and lenses don’t do great here. What day you Fujinites?

I never buy anything I'm not sure about so I perhaps you should go with Sony. On another note, I've been using Fuji since the XE1 and never had major disappointment with its AF. Slow at times, yes, but that's about the only issue.

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