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Re: Sony RX10iv - looking for assistance

Ruud uit de Graaf wrote:

Silverback46 wrote:

sybersitizen wrote:

Silverback46 wrote:

I have added a couple more examples here to see if there is more exif information that may help.

Don't worry about the previously shot images from days ago. If you have definitely turned off exposure bracketing, does the issue still persist with new images?

Hi Sybersitizen

This is the interesting thing. The original shots and the second set I posted were all taken with the exposure bracketing off and the shutter set to Continuous Lo. The photo that shows the rear display was my error as I was toggling through the settings and had left it at the bracket setting when I was trying to get it to fail. I have shot with the camera for a few days now and I could not get it to fail like the owner did. I know he wasn't shooting in bracket mode but I cannot figure out how he made it overexpose. It is interesting too the second or third shots after the first are always overexposed never underexposed.

I have given the camera back to the owner to experiment again and see if he gets this failure. He has owned the camera for around 6 months but has only experienced this happening in the last few weeks.

He is going to bring the camera back again if he has it happen again. I suggested sending it in to Sony but with me not being able to get it to fail I am thinking they may not be able to as well.

Thanks for helping


Hi, did you see my comment above? I see that you definitely have turned on exposure bracketing, which means that the camera each time takes 3 shots. Turning it off will solve this. It is not a failure, but a mode that you can use.

Hi yes I did see your comment and thank you for the idea but the bracket setting was done by me playing with the menu settings when I was trying to get the camera to fail. The two sets of shots were not taken in the bracket setting unfortunately but Cont Lo setting. When I shot in the bracket setting the camera did exactly what it should do and it didn't blow out the frames but adjusted them by the set amount. I wish it was the bracketing but that was just my mistake of showing the settings after I had changed them.


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