Massively confused with Trichrome on a digital camera.

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Massively confused with Trichrome on a digital camera.

So I was experimenting with trichrome photography off a 24MP bayer-layer-sensored camera and I have encountered some mind boggling confusions..

As instructed by literature for trichrome photography, I have used the 25 Red, 58 Green, and 47B Blue for each RGB channels and according to Tiffen website they have the filter correction for R-(3 stops), G-(2 2/3 stops) and B( 2 1/3 stops) respectively.

So here is what I did, I took a master shot( properly exposed with no filter) and then took RGB filter photos with corresponding filter factor compensated in Manual mode, by adjusting ISO values, so I don’t mess with low shutter speed and create shakes… All the photos are take with a 2s countdown timer so, again to avoid shakes.

The problem is that I realized immediately when adding the filter the under exposure value does not correspond to their filter factor compensation. For example, with the blue filter, the meter says I’m 4 stops underexposing it.

So our of curiosity, I took another RGB photo in Aperture priority mode, to let the camera auto correct to the proper exposures and thinking to compare the results later.

Then, when I moved all the files to Affinity photos, and mixed all the channels, I realized that

1) each RGB filter did not block out other colors. E.g for the photo I took with Blue filter, there are very much visible image show in its Red and Green channel. Which means still a lot of Red and Green light was passing through the 47B filter????

2) I mixed both the Aperture priority exposed and the manually exposed RGB copies, and the result looked nothing like the Master shot, they both have massive color shifts….

What did I do wrong???

I recorded the whole process in the YouTube video here:

I also uploaded all the raw files in DNG as well as RGB mixed to here:

Can someone help me?

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