R5 Autofocus Fault?

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Re: A Defect

Sheffield_Mike wrote:

Ray Chen wrote:

Sheffield_Mike wrote:

On Saturday, I noticed another issue that hadn’t arisen before. When using eye autofocus to lock on to a football player, the autofocus locked on (or appeared to) but the resulting images were out of focus.

Sorry to hear about your problem, specifically with the error coding. In my experience of shooting sports, the above issue (locking on an out of focus subject) happens quite frequently. I would say I run into it consistently every few events. It seems to go away if I reactivate the autofocus system , so there is a strange corner case that is a part of the system.

Hi Ray. How do you reactivate the autofocus system? Sorry if I'm missing something obvious.

Oh, the "phenomena" only happen during AI Servo tracking for my shooting. The problem goes away when I just reenter the AF sequence by letting go of the AF button and then activate it again on another subject. The last time when it happened, I kept the AF going just to see its behavior. It was tracking the out of focus subject for several seconds. Somehow, the system thought it was tracking correctly, but it was very obvious it was not in the EVF.

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