Why not reveal your technique(s) regarding autofocus??

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Why not reveal your technique(s) regarding autofocus??

I read Jerry's long post about how it would be better to post something constructive rather than just post a "read the manual" or "improve your technique" etc.

I agree.

So thought I would ask this question: how do those here who can master autofocus without any problems do it?

My "problems" - and I am only talking about the shots I didn't get, not the ones that were fine - are as follows:

  • A positive in focus, which later turns out to be "not quite" in focus
  • The eye brow/lashes in focus, but the iris blurred.
  • Eye autofocus settles on the eye and later it turns out the jumper fabric is really quite sharp and in focus.

To start this off here is what I found out myself (yeah, right!!) about how to improve my hit rate, as in "what works".

  • Change the default "shutter priority" to "focus priority". This was a big one and I am sure a lot of those who frequent this forum would have come across this function. But possibly not all.

... and what I felt wasn't working so well:

  • Continuous autofocus. Hunting and delayed "click" I found more frustrating that rewarding.
  • "use F8" I was told on occasion, but that's not really the point. I often stop down a bit but hardly ever to F8. Would of course help with the brows/iris issue

One of my favourite lenses within the Fuji lenses is the 56/1.2. The F1.2 translates into an average F1.8 on full frame, so this is not about that "razor thin" nonsense, but about what could easily be considered a standard 85 on FF.

Since this is not just about technology but also about technique, I thought I would ask this question. Have read Morris birding (on FM was it??) but don't think it addresses the front-focusing of eyes.



Disclaimer: I haven't done a search regarding "how to slightly back-focus when taking portraits" and don't read all posts here!

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