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Re: Sony RX10iv - looking for assistance

Kerusker wrote:

Hi Silver,

I'm referring to the OP and the two images (of the dog).

These are not out of camera images i.e. there are only some EXIF data values - most are missing.

Metering Mode = Multi Segment and the images are slightly off (see upper left corner). This can result in a different illumination (1/200 sec vers. 1/60 sec).

This corresponds to the resp. Light Values (12.6 vers. 10.9)

Metering Mode and Light Value are read from the available EXIF Data.

If you friend shoots exactly the same scene with the same settings then the images should be the same also (except for bracketing or similar).

Hi Kerusker

Thank you for looking at the images. The metering mode is an interesting idea. I have added a couple more examples here to see if there is more exif information that may help. These are straight out of the camera jpegs. I agree with your assessment that they should be the exact same but for some reason the camera is changing the image and I have no idea why.

First shot

Second shot

Let me know what you think. I am still wondering if there is a hardware issue with the camera rather than it being a setting. But the metering idea is something I hadn't considered. Could the metering be jumping/lagging from a different location based on the movement of following the object with the camera and the speed between frames of the photo?


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