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Re: Sony 40/2.5 G

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I like using the 40/2.5 on the street.

Very good option, and a very good price/performance lens. ... but after I got the 1.4/35 GM... that 40 never got used anymore and ended up letting it go

I returned my 35/1.4 GM...the weight and size took the pleasure out of it for me...I used my Samyang 35/1.8 today with a more street sized glad I returned the GM. Still I know for many it's their favorite Sony lens. I hope you're enjoying yours. After I returned mine I bought a Voiglander 35/2 APO-Lanthar and I couldn't be happier...put the fun back into street shooting with a 35mm.


I posted a few shots with the 40/2.5 from the street that I shot yesterday in this week's photo thread.

I agree; if you are after a compact lens, the GM is not for you; but let's not beat around the bush. The quality of the GM is vastly superior... I also have the 40 /1.2 voigtlander but it's mainly sitting in the draw. Manual focus is not for instantaneous street shots, and my eyesight is no longer what I want it to be... I need precise autofocus.

What I was trying to say; is that ; although the 35 and 45, 40, options from Sony and Samyang are way smaller and lighter, it won't make the camera a pocket camera.... in my opinion, might as well go for quality. I find the 35 mm to be my favorite focal length.... but YMMV.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving !

Nice reply and Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. True street shooting requires manual focus and it uses a technique called Zone Focusing with F8 Or higher and usually a small unobtrusive lens. I can give you a link if you would like to learn about it.

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